The BIG show

Big men are the story entering the Final Four. We've got plenty of news, plus the inside scoop for what's happening at USC (and maybe Arkansas?) Also, Oklahoma State and Drake make coaching hires, the portal keeps humming, and more.

Congrats to UConn and NC State, which placed their men’s and women’s teams in their respective Final Fours. That’s a helluva start to the final week.

Let’s dive into Monday’s news.

1. Prep yourself for the Final Four

There is of course more to the men’s and women’s double that NC State and UConn just did.

It’s the first time two schools placed both teams in the Final Four, and the 13th time a school’s men’s and women’s teams reached the final weekend, the most recent being South Carolina in 2017.

UConn’s remains the only school that’s pulled off the double title, though. It did it in 2004 and 2014.

ANYWAY, that’s some trivia for you this week when you’re among friends. Here are some links that’ll help prep you for the week ahead.



NC State


General news

It’s the Year of the Big! The After Dark crew explains.

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